Proposed Ice Hockey Facility in Creve Coeur Park

St. Louis County Government is considering a proposal to convert 40 acres of Creve Coeur Lake Park into an ice hockey training and practice facility. Saint Louis Audubon Society (SLAS) does not oppose the development of an ice hockey facility in the St. Louis area, but strongly opposes the proposed location.

In addition to turning over 40 acres of publically owned recreational parkland to a private entity for 30 years (Legacy Ice Foundation), this proposed development will have a detrimental effect on the native habitat that acts as home and breeding ground for birds and other wildlife. Furthermore, this land is in the Missouri River floodplain, and adding acres of pavement for parking 1500 cars contributes to excessive runoff.

Click to view a detailed site plan of the proposed facility

The St. Louis Audubon Society strongly opposes this proposal and encourages the public to join in opposition.

What can you do?

Read more about the issue at the web sites below:

Contact your St. Louis County Councilperson and voice your opposition. The names and contact information for Councilpersons are found below. You can find your St. Louis County district
on this map.

Download a sample letter template here.

If you are not a STL County resident, but use and/or care about Creve Coeur Park, please voice your concerns to County Executive Steve Stenger.


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