St. Louis Audubon Only Membership

If you join us as a Chapter-only member of St. Louis Audubon Society, 100% of your dues will go to support our local education and conservation activities. You will receive our e-newsletter Tale Feathers, but will not receive the Audubon magazine as you will not be a National Audubon member. There is no distinction between individual and family membership. Dues cover all members at the same address. For questions, contact Linda Tossing at or 314-495-3063.

We request a minimum donation of $20 to service your membership. Memberships of $50 and above are entitled to one gift for each $50 given. Current gift choices include:

Click on one of the following links to process and complete membership in only the St. Louis Audubon Society: Web Application (PayPal payment processing) or Print St Louis Application (mail check).

National Audubon Membership

If you join National Audubon and are within the Chapter's service area, you will be assigned to St. Louis Audubon and be our member as well. However, the Chapter receives only a small portion of the dues from National members. You will receive National Audubon's bi-monthly magazine Audubon as well as St. Louis Audubon Society's Newsletter Tale Feathers (the latter is electronic only and to receive it please send your e-mail address to

Click here if you would like to visit the National Audubon web site and join.


Missouri Environmental Fund is a federation of Missouri's leading non-profit environmental and conservation organizations. The Fund is designed to be a portal to help people learn about, connect with, and support many great, positive environmental programs.

The Fund is an opportunity for environmentally conscious individuals and workplaces to support dozens of environmental groups at once through a charitable giving drive. The #1 tool that Missouri Environmental Fund offers is a highly efficient way for donors to give to their choice of environmental organizations through workplace giving campaigns. We also enable individuals to support a wonderful variety of organizations at one simple place.

Donate today, via credit card, through the Missouri Environmental Fund website. You may donate to ALL Missouri Environmental Fund member organizations or designate your contribution for St. Louis Audubon. Federal employees can give to St. Louis Audubon in the Combined Federal Campaign by using code 63017.

Missouri Environmental Fund and all of the affiliated organizations are classified as 501(c)3 organizations, and contributions are tax-deductible as defined by the IRS.

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