The Audubon Society of Missouri MRBC No.: ___________________________(for secretarial use)

This form submitted as documentation for (check all that apply): ____ unusual species; ____ unusual date;
____ unusual breeding record; ____ Christmas Bird Count record; ____ North Am. Migration Count record;
____ other (please explain)__________________________________________________________________

1. Species: _______________________________

2. Number: __________ 3. Age/Sex: _________________

4. Location (Including County): ______________________________________________________________

5. Date(s) Observed: __________________________

6. Time Bird(s) seen: From: _________ To:_________

7. Reporting observer, address, and phone number, and e-mail:



8. Other Observers Present Or Known: _________________________________________________________

9. Was the bird photographed/videotaped/audiotaped? Yes ___ No ___ By Whom: _____________________

Please attach any prints, slides, tapes, etc. obtained. Observers are encouraged to photograph birds that they
wish to document. Even poor-quality photographs may show details that will confirm an unusual record.

10. Please attach a copy of any field notes taken or sketches made. Observers are encouraged to make field notes
and sketches during the observation, or as soon afterward as possible. Notes provide a better basis than
memory for writing a good description (#14), and even rough sketches may be very helpful.

11. Habitat (general and specific):

12. Distance to bird: ___________________ 12. Optical equipment: _______________________________

13. Light (sky conditions, light on bird, angle of sun, background):

14. On the back of this form, please complete the following:
(A) Describe the bird in detail. Include its size (preferably in comparison to other nearby birds), its
shape, and its color patterns. Include a description of the bill, legs, feet, tail, body, wings, and any
other characteristics observed. Describe behavior and voice. Include only what was actually observed
and heard.
(B) Explain how you distinguished theis bird from similar species.

15. What resources (field guides, etc.) did you consult about this identification? Did they influence the
description you wrote?

16. Describe your previous experience with this and similar species:

17. Signature of reporter: 18. Date completing this form:

(Note: all material submitted becomes the property of MBRC unless otherwise requested.) 10/99