IBET: Illinois Birders Exchanging Thoughts

IBET is an e-mail list for the discussion of wild birds and birding issues relating to Illinois. IBET's mission is to promote the JOY of birding by keeping the membership updated on all rare and interesting birds and birding opportunities. The list is administred by Sue Friscia with help from Michael L. P. Retter.

Subscription Management
IBET is currently available through Yahoo Groups (the name ILbirds was adopted for the list due to a name conflict, but among birders it is still known as IBET), where you can subscribe, unsubscribe, maintain a user profile, and look at current messages (members only).

You can also subscribe by e-mail: just send a blank message to ILbirds-subscribe@yahoogroups.com and follow the instruction in the message that is returned to you.

To unsubscribe by e-mail, send your blank message to to ILbirds-unsubscribe@yahoogroups.com and follow the instructions in the return message.

To contribute to the e-mail list, send your messages to ILbirds@yahoogroups.com. Only current subscribers are allowed to send messages, in order to keep abuses to a minimum. In order to minimize the size of the advertisements, you may opt to send and read your messages in text-only mode (check your e-mail program's help for instructions).

To contact the list owner personally, send e-mail to ILbirds-owner@yahoogroups.com.

Yahoo.com is supported by advertisement, and its mailing lists are no exception. Some ads will show up when reading IBET, unless you work with a text-only mail program.

List Rules
For contributions to the list to be distributed to all subscribers, please adhere to the following rules. Continued disregard will lead to the expulsion from the mailing list!

Use a descriptive but concise subject line. It will be prepended by "IBET: " by the list software.
Sign your name, city, county (Illinois is large -- we don't all know where every little burg is), and e-mail address (not everybody sees the headers).
Restrict topic of post to wild birds of Illinois, birding in Illinois, or birders of Illinois.
Nothing about pet birds.
Discussions dealing primarily with habitat conservation should be held on the BCNnet mailing list, not on IBET.
No virus alerts, scam warnings, etc.
No attachments, especially not pictures and sounds.
Please configure your e-mail software not to send an HTML version of your message along as an attachment. It wastes more space, confuses the archives, and leads to more annoying advertisements.
Minimize cross-posting to other mailing lists.

The last 50 (about a week's worth) IBET postings with the least amount of hassle.

A different web interface to regional maillists (including IBET), with a longer retention period and searchable by author, subject, or content, can be found on the Surfbirds.com website (follow links to Resouces-Newsgroup Archives, then scroll down to USA-Illinois, or go directly to IBET).